Who I Serve:

Individuals, Parents, Couples, or Families Who Are:

  • Discovering the nature and impact of a disability or illness
  • Adapting to changing abilities individually and/or within a relationship
  • Deepening personal understanding and resilience

High Stress Professionals Who Are:

  • Experiencing symptoms of burnout (exhaustion, cynicism, feelings of ineffectiveness)
  • Experiencing a period of high stress and/or chronic stress at home or work
  • Seeking additional tools for coping and resilience

High stress professions include teachers, first responders, health care providers, behavioral health providers, child and family service providers and other high stress decision makers.

Why You Might Contact Me

At varying times in life, you might find issues arising such as chronic stress, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, and stressed relationships. At times of transition, crisis, or decision-making it may also be helpful to seek out additional support or guidance. Sometimes you might also just feel stuck in unhelpful or confusing situations, relationship patterns, or behaviors.

If you find yourself in the midst of one of these periods, I can offer support as well as guidance. I work in partnership with you. Building upon the wisdom and resources you have already, I can help you find new ways to meet your situation.


I am able to meet a variety of needs as a speaker, teacher, and/or group facilitator. Working with groups allows me to share my belief in community. As a presenter, I see over and over how community connection, the recognition that there is often similarity in our joys and struggles, first surprises people then invites them to share more fully.